Diablo® II: Resurrected ™ Announce Trailer

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Arise, Diablo, Lord of Terror. Diablo II: Resurrected is the definitive remastering of Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction® expansion - two hallmark entries in Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action role-playing series.
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JP Pham
JP Pham - Před 5 hodinami
no loot boxes please...NO LOOT BOXES
indigowulf - Před 6 hodinami
So, what about all of us who already BOUGHT D1 and D2 and can't play it anymore because it's not supported? Any chances of some patch to make those playable today? Oh wait, no, that would not be profitable.
J. O
J. O - Před 19 minutami
run windows 98 from a flash drive
TMD - Před 7 hodinami
Change the graphic, DO NOT CHANGE GAMEPLAY!
TALENANT - Před 7 hodinami
It kinda sounds like caves music from diablo 1
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - Před 12 hodinami
Here we go again.
Stefan G
Stefan G - Před 15 hodinami
It would be great if they will also fix some ancient bugs when they release the remaster.
It makes no sense to be more afraid of a Tomb Viper than of Baal. Come on, those poison spears are not "working as intended".
Brandon Austin
Brandon Austin - Před 16 hodinami
I wonder if the necro will be able to have 20 skellies like the original release before they nerfed it due to systems lagging up....lol
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - Před 12 hodinami
Thank You so much!! Blizzard! Thank you Diablo, mephisto and baal!!
Boris - Před 16 hodinami
I like how they use better D1 Caves soundtrack in this teaser. 😊
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley - Před 17 hodinami
They remaster all the games.
Buz Buzbee
Buz Buzbee - Před 20 hodinami
DAAAAAAAAANG. Too bad I'm hooked on WoW.
Captain_Manstone - Před 21 hodinou
This is the best news I've heard in the last 20 yrs ! It was a totaly wish of many friends of me and some friends did create an own Diablo 2 in 4K meanwhile but this here will be the best Diablo ever exist. I never liked Diablo 3 and etc but I love D2 Resurrected. It brings me back to the banned and hated Blizzard :). 100 of 100 Stars for Resurrected, and you will collect nearly most money ever with this insane perfect game.
Karim Tv
Karim Tv - Před 22 hodinami
Omg that gave me goosebumps this is so good !
Emily An
Emily An - Před dnem
Omg. It’s back. Can’t wait to see the cow with axe again 💀
Quy Nguyen
Quy Nguyen - Před dnem
Is there cow level!???
Michael R
Michael R - Před dnem
Can i just get this trailer music without sound? Because its my favorite D1 song mixed into D2.
Emily An
Emily An - Před dnem
ye live in the past.. u give us d2 so u can slack on d4
Heecks - Před dnem
I hope the online MP save is more than 1 month before they delete your account.
BibiBubuish - Před dnem
Try it on Hardcore guys :)
iseeu1980 - Před dnem
Release date?
Kendo121 - Před dnem
Parasmunt - Před dnem
It would be a good chance to produce a Diablo 2 Battle Net with no chance of cheats, duping, PK tricks. Now that would be interesting. Every zod rune in the game found legitimately.
Whiskey_Pleaz - Před dnem
I REALLY want to be excited about this... however, I was also very excited about the WC3 remaster, which was over-promised, underdelivered and then totally abandoned what? 7 months after release?? I am extremely hesitant to get my hopes up.
One less lonely memer
One less lonely memer - Před 19 hodinami
Well this is actually not a remake, they just took the original game slapped a HD layout on it and make quality of life changes
Kenneth Hayes
Kenneth Hayes - Před dnem
Please don't mess this one up.
ZaKa K
ZaKa K - Před dnem
Thank You so much!! Blizzard! Thank you Diablo, mephisto and baal!!
Zulfirdaus Zain
Zulfirdaus Zain - Před dnem
Stay a while and listen
Marcelo Márquez
Marcelo Márquez - Před dnem
Themovie Edition
Themovie Edition - Před dnem
I thought it would have better graphics than DOTA 2. Disappointment just like reforged ... Such a company should outperform any other company with RPG gameplay.
5thhorsman - Před dnem
Well looks like I have to find my assassin and necro build sheets again
Ingsoc Puppet
Ingsoc Puppet - Před 2 dny
Remind the world what a real Diablo game is. I'm all in on this. The only thing D3 had going for it were the seasons. Every other thing in D3 was pale imitation with the lore butchered. Especially insulting was thay the online was originally designed around trying to constantly milk money out of players via a RMT auction house and a disgustingly designed loot table system, I could never see D3 in the same light. Blizzard, as it was, is long dead, but let's hope they can get a remaster right this time. I want to be totally hyped, but I still remember the Warcraft III: Reforged cashgrab, so I don't think I'm alone in feeling that way.
PenguinTamer - Před 2 dny
I'm so ready for them to release this.
Chiptendo - Před 2 dny
As long as I can summon 30 skeletons I'm good.
Daniel Pedersen
Daniel Pedersen - Před 2 dny
ye live in the past.. u give us d2 so u can slack on d4
Nananea - Před 2 dny
When the framerate dips in the announce trailer that's something to be worried about. Gonna play it regardless~
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez - Před 2 dny
*Press X to DOUBT!*
I only believe it WHEN i see it! *Reforged won't be ever forgotten* Neither Mobile nor the garbage called 3
centaur - Před 2 dny
my designed curse for necro

curse name: bittersweet

- your hurt just only heal me, but if you want close your wounds, you must do that.

so, when cursed enemy damage you, that heals you, but at the same time that heals cursed enemy too.

this is sneaky curse and i want to see that at diablo

cursed enemy must do more damage than necro if cursed enemy want stay alive.

cursed enemy cant kill necro, only heal themself and necro.
Mitch Proulx
Mitch Proulx - Před 2 dny
So pumped!!! Let's go!!!!!
Inside Looking in
Inside Looking in - Před 3 dny
why does the amazon look so bad? what have you done to her face? are you laughing?
Alek Krstevski
Alek Krstevski - Před 3 dny
$40 for fancier graphics? no ty greedy goblin kotick.
Dennis Jakobus
Dennis Jakobus - Před 3 dny
Oh my Goodness!
Sergio Airaldi
Sergio Airaldi - Před 3 dny
OK thanks Blizzard, at least now u are trying to take the right choices, that means something already. Hope u keep making good decisions < 3
Farfig Noogan
Farfig Noogan - Před 3 dny
Diablo Reforged
elias197859 - Před 3 dny
im probably going to get this game no matter what, but still something about the original diablo 2's graphics had so much charm to them, and i think they still hold up today because of that. the new graphics dont really improve it much
Donnell Jones
Donnell Jones - Před 3 dny
Oh yeah!!! Time to call my old military crew and return to this world like a tidal wave of blood and nightmares. You and all these demons, are doomed.
NajcargS - Před 3 dny
If they remake all D2 videos then they need to do remake of D2 commercial.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - Před 3 dny
Omg. It’s back. Can’t wait to see the cow with axe again 💀
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis - Před 3 dny
Probably not going to buy. Not because DII wasn't amazing, it is. But I played a cumulative couple years of it and I just don't see new content here.
Cheers to Blizzard and best of luck. I'm sure they'll make a killing
NICOLAS LUGEA - Před 3 dny
La amazona parece un travesti, el paladin un cuidacoches y el barbaro es mi tío con problemas de peso
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - Před 3 dny
If any game deserved a true remaster, it was this one.
Vinticore - Před 3 dny
Remember Reforged
sanjin romek
sanjin romek - Před 3 dny
Baal !!! :D
FLYING TRUCK - Před 3 dny
Finally, nearly perfect.
eddzetarabbit - Před 3 dny
Looks like I need to buy a new graphics card (and a cpu) for this.
Thadeos Nataso
Thadeos Nataso - Před 3 dny
Please, make it good. I love you Diablo
Radek Krčmárik
Radek Krčmárik - Před 3 dny
If u dont ruin it , please ...do also Diablo 1 resurrected. It is a masterpiece.
Francisco Bonduki
Francisco Bonduki - Před 3 dny
Minha vida social acabando em 5..4..3..2...1...😂😂😂😂
thisguy - Před 3 dny
It's weird that this remastered version looks like what I remember it looking like in my childhood. Didn't realize the original graphics were so terrible.
лео акутин
лео акутин - Před 3 dny
picture not bad, but why does ALL movement look like LOG...its shame
Fergulix - Před 3 dny
Hello Diabli II Reforged!
Fergulix - Před 3 dny
16 times the detail of diablo 2
oppa jaemin
oppa jaemin - Před 3 dny
so where is carbot mode??
Ztt - Před 4 dny
So i can't install a mod to make characters more classic looking, because it's mmo, game as service now?
spyros feggis
spyros feggis - Před 4 dny
after long time blizzard is back and strong ..plz blizzard dont die again and rise again with good games ..TY e lot for that great gief D2 cant die it is always in my heart...
Vaulkor - Před 4 dny
If any game deserved a true remaster, it was this one.
empty - Před 4 dny
have shame on yourself and make a new game lol what joke
look how buggy and broken this gameplay is
empty - Před 4 dny
@Francisco Ponce lol they could do something better than grim dawn for example, this is just greed talking. Launch a game like this on 2021? Nah bro
Francisco Ponce
Francisco Ponce - Před 4 dny
Ernest Ray Degamo
Ernest Ray Degamo - Před 4 dny
Diablo 2 movie please. Vin Diesel as barbarian or batista or THE ROCK
ถวรรณชัย ปรางศรี
am 30 years old and crying for sound this game
T0MYA - Před 4 dny
please PLEASE don't do what you did to Warcraft 3.
HEATHEN - Před 4 dny
Please make console compatible with keyboard and mouse.
[V] - Před 4 dny
I like the bone spear from necro. Now it looks realy like a spear.
konroth rec.
konroth rec. - Před 4 dny
release the soundtrack finally
Ev - Před 4 dny
0:55 so ugly :(
Tom4z - Před 4 dny
please change amazon face, he looks like trans
Ion Bolog
Ion Bolog - Před 4 dny
So..is blizzard pretending that reforged didnt happen?
3xantrik - Před 4 dny
Firstly, thanks for remaking this game. So many, hype now. One and only please, PLEASE make the Druid and werewolf almost same again. I mean the skinny, charismatic, blonde skin guy, not the new one. A character doesn'n need to be old, dirty and ugly to run diablo world, can be charismatic, clean and again can be legend. Also werewolf, new one look like a big rat. Please make it look like the old one. Thanks.
appaleet - Před 4 dny
You have removed Act 3 right?
DeadMansCurve - Před 4 dny
A humble message to Blizzard....
I have been a committed fan to your hard work and effort for a very very long time. It's very rare that I see your name and don't get excited. Your reputation alone carried many games to my library since the original Diablo. Diablo II in particular is a game I fondly consider one that officially pulled me into the gaming world. I love you as a company and I love the work you have produced in the past.
With that said... Please don't botch this. It's irrefutable that your recent management team has lead you to a very damaged reputation. I don't know the finer details or politics that you have to deal with, but please help set a new standard and have ACTUAL GAMERS MANAGE A GAMING COMPANY. I, for one, am just so genuinely exhausted with the abused trust we gamers face nowadays with most modern gaming companies...
I won't waste anyone's time describing why gamers are upset because that's been said plenty already. I'll just say that I am excited for Diablo II: Resurrected, but my bruised trust from Warcraft III: Reforged and other modern games have securely convinced me to NEVER pre-order a game again until some serious change happens in this industry. When I give 100% of the money, I think it is fair for me to expect 100% of the game and all its advertised contents.
The gaming industry is young, and the wrong people have capitalized on its youth and are now hijacking the successful momentum of great names like Blizzard until it is eventually bled dry into an empty husk to be absorbed into another company...
Again, I ask to the gaming powerhouse that was once Blizzard... Please don't botch this. I am genuinely worried it's not just my loyalty to Blizzard at stake here...
I would like to clarify that my issues are NOT with the developers. Developers have been catching heat for some reason lately, which makes no sense... The developers of this industry are unsung heroes who deliver us phenomenal entertainment of many forms. The vast majority of my discontent, from what I understand, is with the management teams who publicly make empty promises and decide to release unfinished products WHILE ACCEPTNG FULL PAYMENT. GAMERS WILL WAIT FOR THE BETTER EXPERIENCE. INVESTORS WILL PROFIT WHEN GAMERS ARE HAPPY. It blows my mind watching this industry I've grown to love let the wrong decisions happen and dig their own graves...
I hope all of you and yours are safe and well in these difficult times. Stay safe.
Victor B
Victor B - Před 4 dny
At1:23, not even close to the original d2. poor quality indeed.
Victor B
Victor B - Před 4 dny
The character window, stash window looks was done in rush. Far more behind diablo2 original feelings. When northern blizzard is gone, you are done. Blizzard, You just don't know this game and its players.
Bartooc - Před 5 dny
I was waiting for mobile exclusive.
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward - Před 5 dny
Arreat plateau and fighting the 4 barbarians was probably my favorite act in the whole game .... Mad respect Blizzard for bringing it to console as well ... Not all hereos wear capes my friends
尚明 - Před 5 dny
•Yn1kyl• •ChanneL•
Edgunsuk - Před 5 dny
I had the best traps assassin on the planet in this game , i pray they keep skill charms and the rune system < ANYONE HAVE A DATE ON THIS ?
Edgunsuk - Před 4 dny
@misuyy fong was a great community one of the first games that created one took 2 days to a week to get top lvl and you could still play it for 2 years after that .
misuyy fong
misuyy fong - Před 5 dny
Ultra hype for this and i didnt even play the original...it looks so good!!
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward - Před 5 dny
I'm so excited
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward - Před 5 dny
@misuyy fong hahaha
misuyy fong
misuyy fong - Před 5 dny
0:54 but why does the amazon look like an old man..?
Reshaping Rob
Reshaping Rob - Před 5 dny
Maybe they can resurrect my account they deleted which I spent 10yrs playing but didn’t sign into for 90 days - losing all my elite character builds with all the best gear ? 🤷‍♂️ 🤬😤🤯👎🏻🖕🏼
Марсель Ибрагимов
Who dislikes the trailer? What else do you want?
Dayvid Danger
Dayvid Danger - Před 5 dny
"Why work on Diablo IV when we can just make Diablo II again using Diablo III's engine?" PERFECT! That buys us a whole 'nother year of doing almost nothing. You sir are promoted. Fire everybody on the Diablo IV team, we'll hire them back when we need them. - Blizzard, probably.
Boosted Daily
Boosted Daily - Před 5 dny
That's what I'm talking about!!!!
Farty Towels
Farty Towels - Před 5 dny
Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump - Před 5 dny
Happy about this, just so I can play it on console. I have it on my laptop, got it last year but I’ve learned I’m not a PC gamer. I’d much rather play on TV with a controller in hand, so this is very welcome
JDAnalog - Před 5 dny
if it doesn't have LAN THEN its a massive massive disaster
lavweber - Před 5 dny
This is the best news from Blizzard since Throne of Baal! Don't even bother making Diablo IV anymore.
Scott Van Der Sluys
Scott Van Der Sluys - Před 5 dny
I'm really excited about this. Seems like everything I've been waiting for for the past 15 years. Except some of the characters. The sorc is young and playful sounding, and appeared so in the original art. And the zon... definitely didn't look like Mr. Burns. It would be great if they tweaked the characters to match their voices and the fantasy aspect of the game a little more before release. Regardless... Take my money.
DamienSlayer666 - Před 5 dny
Definitely getting it on the switch
Kerem Can Yenisu
Kerem Can Yenisu - Před 5 dny
Sepulchral Miasma
Sepulchral Miasma - Před 5 dny
I see a massive chance for them to ruin an already monumentally perfect game.. I remain cautiously skeptical yet hopeful..

They better keep it simple stupid like the Starcraft 1 remaster.

Hopefully this isn't just catering to console players at the expense of everything else...
Nikolay Penkov
Nikolay Penkov - Před 5 dny
Does it come with pindle bot preinstalled? :)
Kiwoong Park
Kiwoong Park - Před 5 dny
This was supposed to have been announced instead of Diablo Immortals.
DaLi - Před 5 dny
0:54 but why does the amazon look like an old man..?
Hiphop Finest
Hiphop Finest - Před 5 dny
Ultra hype for this and i didnt even play the original...it looks so good!!
unnamed - Před 5 dny
Still doesn't look as good as PoE
Евгений Давыденко
Ааааааааааа хочу хочу хочу хочу
Voiiid - Před 5 dny
Why does the amazon's face look like a man..